About Me

Aubree, or Bree to my friends and enemies alike, is a black, queer trans woman on the edge of turning 40. Although I lived on military bases for the first 13 years of my life, most of my time has been spent in the south, with family roots in Oklahoma. I love studying politics, history, and learning about all aspects of culture that have been lost, forgotten, or are under studied. I’m also the co-host and co-founder of Southern Queeries, a podcast celebrating the south’s diverse LGBTQ voices. Professionally, I’m a community college government professor and part time writer. In addition to writing essays, I’m working on a few ideas for children’s books. When not talking, teaching, or writing, I’m spending time with my wonderful wife, Victoria, and our amazing homeschooled daughter.

Requisite Disclaimer: All views published here or on other media sites or on the podcast are my own, and are not a reflection or representative of my college workplace.

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