I’m part of Go Magazine’s 100 Women We Love Class of 2021!

When I was contacted about being on this list, I honestly thought it was either a scam or that they had the wrong person. I’m grateful and humbled to be included. This is a prestigious list, and every single woman on it is more amazing than me. I’m flattered that the editors wanted to include me. Go Magazine is a wonderful publication for urban lesbians. The articles are in depth and I love how it balances pop culture news with current events and everyday voices. I think what I love most but the women featured is that no one person is trying to do everything. We all have our niche where we feel we’re making the biggest impact. For me it is with my writing and my podcast. For others, it’s direct political activism, teaching, or something entrepreneurial. The diversity of passions is what inspires me the most. Listed alphabetically, I’m here at number 14, but I encourage you to read every profile.

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